Interviewing With Power™ With Don Martinez

Interviewing With Power™ With Don Martinez

Ace your Interview every time!

By Don Martinez MCC, MNLP/ Practitioner

The subject of interviewing has become a hot topic. Most people are trying to figure out what has changes about finding a job. Companies are tiring to find people that walk on water, well its very well possible that these people exists the problem with this is you have not discovered the secrets to being selected.  As an executive career coach I have been retained by high performing individuals that faced being laid off or were considering making a career move. In one of the toughest time to make a career move I have worked one-on-one with individual to get them to the front of the line. With a unique design method and process we helped more people get noticed and hired. Are you among the thousands of applicants that have faces being rejected and turned down time after time? Are you feeling frustrated?  Wondering if something might be wrong with you? Rejection is the number one response we here from job applicants. But after attending Interviewing with Power ™ then discover a new set of skills and tools to get them the results they desire? What is your career and life worth to you? Are you prepared to make an investment in you? Are you not worth the money?  I can honestly tell you that if you are thinking I can’t afford this right now Don, Then  my advice is to continue doing what you are doing and then go back and alter your resume with the title of Consultant Are you sick and tired of being turned down?  Are you feeling depressed? Then you cannot afford to miss this session.  Don believes if you continue to do the same things you will get the same results. Let Don Teach you how to design the right plan for you and your career. 

Topics Don will cover are:

-Why people are not hired

-Overview about interviewing and what you don’t know

-Interviewing pitfalls

-Solutions for winning the game of Interviewing

-Boosting your confidence

-Making a great first impression

-Managing the interview

-Power Interviewing Tips

 Don Martinez a career development expert touches on how individuals can develop a solid game plan for career success.

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Cost of Seminar $295.00

Audio CD Program & Workbook Program $295.00(also Available)


About Don Martinez MCC, MNLP/ Practitioner:

Don Martinez is an active Master Certified Coach, Certified MNLP/MTT/Body Practitioner,

Rank one of the Top 5 Executive Coaches in Orange County Ca.

The Paul Merage School of Business UC Irvine Executive MBA and MBA’s

Read what one recent client said about Coach Don


Dear Don,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other.

Details of the Recommendation:

 “Coach Don has changed my life!  Everyone invests in a home, 401K,

vacation home, etc… To invest in your future, professional and personal,

 take someone with insight.  Hiring Coach Don to be my career coach was one

of the most pivotal decisions in my life.  If you are considering a career coaches do

not hesitate to hire Coach Don.  He is exceptional at what he does.”

Service Category: Career Coach

Year first hired: 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Daniel Vicario, MBA, PMP


SBA Lending small businesses Job Act

This is great news, in a time when small business owners are seeking to bounce back, this is a start but we don’t need money we need Business and Contracts. (Statement that comes from Small business owners in the product and service industries) What is the NSBA doing to address procurement opportunities? It’s my option that we need to improve business relationship with major corporations by educating them on the importance of working with Small business owners. It would appear that our government (President Obama) might look at an incentive for corporations to utilize working with Small business owners.

My recommendation will help share the economy and get the ball rolling for everybody. Making this a Win-Win for all

Don Martinez

Chairman and Founder
The Domar Group, Inc