Diversifying Hispanic Executives

Diversifying Hispanic Executives within the C-Level Suite

Recently we conducted a survey of 200 top Fortune 200/500/1000 organizations.
Stop and think for a minute who are these individuals (Hispanics) leaders in the C-level Suit?

Chances are you will not have to think too hard. As one of the fasted growing consumer markets (Hispanic Markets) the C-level Suite still consist of White middle aged males.

In the recent years due to the election of the First Black man to sitting in the white house, we have seen an increase of color (Blacks) being places in key roles within top organizations across the country. Are these appointments a token to show their support for our President?

What happen to our Hispanic leaders? We have seen an increase of positions within the c-level suite but very few have been available to Hispanic executives.

While some of Americas top organization seek ways to promote women and minorities within the c-level suite in a summit in Chicago last year A CEO of a top consumer products company admits they have a tough time finding well educated Hispanics qualified for these position. In a Q & A session I address this concern with the following

The reason Mr. Chairman is that Hispanics are a very different breed you have to consider a few factors. One they are not looking for a job? And two they are loyalty to the companies they work for. The Hispanic Culture is one that comes with set of high values, when you look at our parent’s work ethic, for example my parents worked for their employer for 40 and 38 years. My Mother for example spent 40 years with the same company. Today we have three generation of family that has worked for the same employer which brings these to a total of 65 years of combined service.

As a Retained Search Firm the Domar Group, Inc is among a small group of firms that represent Hispanic Executives. The talents a major of corporations look for do not answer want ads or job Boards.

In 2008, a study found only seven Asian, seven Latino/Hispanic, and five black CEOs in the Fortune 500 companies. Twelve were women. Today these numbers have increase for Blacks due to President Obama taking office.

According to the U.S. Census reports, Hispanics will make up about 60 percent of the nation’s population growth between now and 2050, which means that Hispanics will continue to drive the growth of our nation’s labor force in the coming decades.

What this means is Organizations need to do a better job of asking for help from Firm such as The Domar Group, Inc.

For businesses struggling with diversity issues, Don Martinez offer Diversity consulting and strategic planning for organizations seeking to embrace Diversity within the c-level suite and within the organization. We have a network of top Hispanic executives ready to explore career opportunities.

If you are a Hispanic executive that has a strong desire to run a company or be a part of the C-Level suite or BOD register with us today at avillanueva@domargroup.com Attention Alexandra Villanueva.

We are looking for the best of the best of Hispanic multicultural talent seeking to find their place within the Executive Suite. Get started and register to be part of our stable of Hispanic executives.

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Diversifying Hispanic Executives