The Domar Group is a retained executive search firm that specializes in recruiting Hispanic and multicultural diversity executives across most industries and most functional positions. We are a generalist firm and our clients are typically boards of directors, C-level senior executives and middle management who have the need for adding quality diversity leaders to their organization.


When companies are looking for diversity, Domar is among the top list of search firms that is dedicated to recruiting Hispanic and multicultural talent. Diversity is one area that top executives will admit is a challenge. It’s for this reason Domar has focused our attention on locating the very best talent available. It’s a known fact that the most sought out talent is typically not looking for a job. It takes a search firm such as Domar that has an established relationship with industry leaders. At Domar, we make diversity our number one priority, seeking out the top 25% of career professionals from every job classification. Let’s face it, diversity candidates are not searching online websites, career postings or reading job advertisement campaigns. If you are a company that sees diversity to be a valued part of your business then let The Domar Group help you with your recruiting needs.

 What sets Domar apart is we are always scouting out top diversity talent that we can share with our selected group of clients. We are constantly searching for talent that will help enhance the company’s image and mission of the organization. Our search method opens the door to the highest available talent in today’s market place. Our clients can be ensured that we are in the trenches everyday meeting and speaking to diversity professionals that can bring the edge to their organizations.

The Domar Group, Inc.


“Recruiting Hispanic and Diversity Executives”

Domar is Ranked One of North Americas Top Hispanic Retained Search Firms –Univision Chanel 34


14742 Beach Blvd. #256

La Mirada, Ca. 90638

(714) 674-0391




USA |Asia | Canadá | México | Latín America | Europe


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