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Dear Potential Coaches:

Coming March 2013 Coach Don will be offering a new certification professional Coaching.

More than 12 years of Executive coaching and training Coach Don will be teaching “Accelerated Conditioning”™ a new form of coaching to help clients propel the life, business and career.

Coaching is actually a method of instructing, directing, and training people in order to develop specific skills and help them achieve their goals. There are different types of coaching which are life coaching, business coaching, and career or executive coaching. Each of these types of coaching applies to various needs that are identified by the person themselves, or by coaching experts.

Coaching aims to assist a person in achieving his/her personal goals in life. Moreover, several methods are used in life coaching just to ensure that goals are achieved. There are no standards as to the specific method to use, as long as it works for a certain person.

On the other hand, business coaching is solicited by individuals or group of people in the business world. This type of coaching is considered as the method of providing support and feedback to people to help them recognize and realize the effectiveness of their business ventures. Most specifically, business coaching is proven to instill certain work behaviors and attitudes like teamwork, accountability, communication, goals setting, sales, and strategic planning among others.

Finally, the most demanded coaching which is the career or executive coaching deals with the practice of helping individuals draw out their career paths. Executive coaching is very important because a lot of people nowadays do not exactly know which career to pursue, and how to succeed in it. Moreover, there are even more people who already have careers, yet are not happy or content. Furthermore, there are also other people who seem to have stagnated in their careers and remained in the first position that they were in many years ago. If anyone experiences any of these situations, then there is certainly a need for coaching.

In executive coaching, you will be asked to assess yourself and find out what you really want to do in your life. This is indeed very critical because this determines your direction in the future. Consequently, you would not want to waste your time and your life in a career which might not be what you want after all. Choosing a career path and determining the steps that will help you succeed in this chosen career are dealt with in executive coaching. There is practically nothing to be ashamed of in soliciting for the services of executive coaching. Hiring an executive coach is practically the starting point of taking control of your career.
A Message from Our President & CEO

Success Starts With You.

Don Martinez has operated on the philosophy that “People” are the most important asset and are the core of today workforce. As the economy changes so do people, as a person that operates on the values of self development it’s our mission to help shape the lives of people for tomorrow and the future. It’s every aspect of how we do business at the Advantage Coaching Network – from the beginning after opening our doors each and every career seeker contacts us due to their lack of frustration, or misconception of the job market. The large advantage we bring is more than 25 years of expertise in career management and development. We believe that we have two types of people. Ones that know what they want and get it and those who leave their careers to chance only to fall short of achieving their goal. I have discovered that everyone no matter who it is can use help and by taking advantage of hiring a coach they will place them in a position where they can contribute, grow, and ultimately succeed. I firmly believe that you’re most valuable resource as a career seeker is “YOU”, and that’s when you go on an interview you are indeed selling yourself. I also believe that what you put into any endeavor is what you will get out of it. Since our inception, Coach Don has invested time, resources, and faith in our most valued asset – you, the candidate. If you take the time to use are programs the comprehensive tool I believe you will reap the benefits of an exciting and prosperous career.

Think you have what it takes to be a coach? Then come join me and my ambassadors of coaches.

With sincere thanks,

Don Martinez

Chairman and Founder

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Coaching for Change and success

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Diversifying Hispanic Executives

Diversifying Hispanic Executives within the C-Level Suite

Recently we conducted a survey of 200 top Fortune 200/500/1000 organizations.
Stop and think for a minute who are these individuals (Hispanics) leaders in the C-level Suit?

Chances are you will not have to think too hard. As one of the fasted growing consumer markets (Hispanic Markets) the C-level Suite still consist of White middle aged males.

In the recent years due to the election of the First Black man to sitting in the white house, we have seen an increase of color (Blacks) being places in key roles within top organizations across the country. Are these appointments a token to show their support for our President?

What happen to our Hispanic leaders? We have seen an increase of positions within the c-level suite but very few have been available to Hispanic executives.

While some of Americas top organization seek ways to promote women and minorities within the c-level suite in a summit in Chicago last year A CEO of a top consumer products company admits they have a tough time finding well educated Hispanics qualified for these position. In a Q & A session I address this concern with the following

The reason Mr. Chairman is that Hispanics are a very different breed you have to consider a few factors. One they are not looking for a job? And two they are loyalty to the companies they work for. The Hispanic Culture is one that comes with set of high values, when you look at our parent’s work ethic, for example my parents worked for their employer for 40 and 38 years. My Mother for example spent 40 years with the same company. Today we have three generation of family that has worked for the same employer which brings these to a total of 65 years of combined service.

As a Retained Search Firm the Domar Group, Inc is among a small group of firms that represent Hispanic Executives. The talents a major of corporations look for do not answer want ads or job Boards.

In 2008, a study found only seven Asian, seven Latino/Hispanic, and five black CEOs in the Fortune 500 companies. Twelve were women. Today these numbers have increase for Blacks due to President Obama taking office.

According to the U.S. Census reports, Hispanics will make up about 60 percent of the nation’s population growth between now and 2050, which means that Hispanics will continue to drive the growth of our nation’s labor force in the coming decades.

What this means is Organizations need to do a better job of asking for help from Firm such as The Domar Group, Inc.

For businesses struggling with diversity issues, Don Martinez offer Diversity consulting and strategic planning for organizations seeking to embrace Diversity within the c-level suite and within the organization. We have a network of top Hispanic executives ready to explore career opportunities.

If you are a Hispanic executive that has a strong desire to run a company or be a part of the C-Level suite or BOD register with us today at Attention Alexandra Villanueva.

We are looking for the best of the best of Hispanic multicultural talent seeking to find their place within the Executive Suite. Get started and register to be part of our stable of Hispanic executives.

The Domar Group, Inc. is a Hispanic retained executive search firm
Placing BOD, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CPO, EVP and More. Salary from 200K-multi-Million

Don Martinez MCC, MNLP/PT
The Domar Group, Inc
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Diversifying Hispanic Executives