Interviewing with Power ® with Don Martinez

Interviewing with Power ® with Don Martinez
This high impact seminar focuses on helping individuals take control of their net career leading them to gaining control and receiving success in your next Interview. Most people keep doing what they are doing creating the same results only to learn this is not good enough. Don’t leave your career to chance.

A high number of Dons Coaching Clients will tell you that my program is a must attend, For the first time you can be one of the top 10 percent of individuals that made the decision to invest in your career.
We know that the job market is tight and competition is high.

Cost of Seminar $179.00

Audio, CD & Workbook Program $295.00
Don Martinez a Career Expert is presenting an Interactive Interviewing Training called Interviewing with power, a workshop that empowers professionals, at all levels, with the skills to present dynamic and impactful interviews, designed to leave a great impression and to influence decision makers.  Attend this workshop and learn some of the top strategies in gaining a winning advantage of finding new career.
Interviewing with Power helps professionals with the following benefits:

  • Preparing for your interview
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Making a great first impression
  • Managing the interview Vs. The Interview managing you
  • Maximizing your success rate gain more offers

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Mr. Martinez is available for hire. Employeer downsizing Let Don Martinez help your employees get back on track.